Anti-Reflection coatings for astronomical optics using pulsed ION beam technology.  Spectrum Thin Films using proprietary design has developed a low reflectance anti-reflection coating for astronomical optics.  Reflectance less than 1% average is .6% from 360nm to 1050nm.

  • Low Temperature Applicationsastronomical-coatings
  • Maximum Coating Temperature is 100 Degrees C.
  • Highly Durable and Hard
  • Passes Mil Specifications
  • Preclean Using Pulsed ION Beam
  • Dense Stable Films
  • Cleanable with Acetone and Alcohol
  • Low Scatter
  • Coating Up to 1 Meter Single Rotation

Substrates up to 1 meter, complex geometry all glass types including large CAF2 lenses, and high index glass.  Custom designed filters that are highly durable and efficient.  Designed for your applications using state-of-the-art technology, for CCD, visual and detectors imaging.