barbOur coatings are highly efficient, low loss and low scatter.  Most optical coatings manufactured at these wavelengths  produce stress.  Stress can cause the coating to craze or even deform the optic.  Spectrum Thin Films has developed a proprietary procedure using the latest equipment to produce these coatings.

Thickness as thin as .006″ and sizes as small as 1mm.
From prototypes to high volume.

  • A/R Anti-Reflection
  • Reflective
  • Beamsplitter
  • Filters
  • Fiber Optics Coatings
  • “Cold” Ambient Temperature Coatings
  • Development Runs


Short Wave Pass Filtersplot5

Transmission > 98% -0.1 db @ 1.310µ

Reflectance > 99.9% -30 db @ 1.550µ

Designed for given angle

High Isolation





Long Wave Pass Filtersplot6

Transmission > 98% -0.1 db @ 1.550µ

Reflectance > 99.9% -30 db @ 1.310µ

Designed for given angle

High Isolation





Dielectric Reflectors at Primary Wavelength plot7

Reflectance > 99.9% -30 db @ .980, 1.310µ or 1.550µ low scatter and absorbtion

Designed for given angle







Band Passplot8

Transmission > 90%

Bandwidth 10 nm and up

Blockage out of Band > -30 db

Designed at given wavelength and angle

Custom filters available